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Free Instagram Followers – Instagram is one of the newest and most cutting-edge social media platforms. Designed solely for smart phones, it provides a way for companies and individuals to connect with customers, and one another. The power of Instagram is much like that of Twitter, in that you can readily connect with all sorts of people in all sorts of places easily and simply.

But, like Twitter, Facebook, and the many other social media sites out there that offer so much promise to budding marketers and Internet savants, it can seem pretty daunting to build a following up from nothing. Especially when you see so many users sporting thousands, or even tens of thousands, of followers and posts. How can you possibly ever catch up?

That’s where having a service comes in handy. With a service, you can boost your Instagram following quickly and easily, and make bridging the gap between you and those that have been at it—and your many competitors who have already taken advantage of such services.

The days of services that attempted to “hack” Instagram are over. That gets users banned, and getting yourself banned is the worst possible way to build followers—obviously. Instead, this service populates your follower list with lots of followers that look authentic, and are active.

This means that your Instagram account gets the boost it needs to really start to look legitimate. And with a legitimate looking Instagram, the benefits abound.

Benefits of Having a Lot of Free Instagram Followers

Free Instagram FollowersUnder normal circumstances, getting lots of followers on Instagram requires lots and lots of time, and labor-intensive work. And that’s not what you signed up for—you’re looking for a good way to reach more people, quickly. Most of the ways out there that exist to get more followers organically just take too long.

Once you have lots of followers, however, the axiom that the rich get richer totally applies. People with lots of followers seem to attract more followers almost effortlessly. They just have to maintain the level of quality that got them where they are, and people seem to flock to them. It’s like they’ve gained momentum, and you’re stuck at the start line wondering how they got so far ahead already.

So give yourself a bit of a head start and get some quick followers. You may not get on the most-followed lists as a direct result, but you’ll start a process in motion that will lead to even more followers. People start to wonder what it is that you’re posting that so many people seem so interested in looking at.

All of a sudden, lots of people are looking at your profile, and examining your pictures—and the links to your other platforms, or even your customer website. This is what you signed up for Instagram for in the first place, right? To enjoy your followers—not to labor unrewarded in a sea of others just like you.

Tips & Tricks for Getting Your Own Free Instagram Followers

The first thing to posting on Instagram so that you get more followers is to be cognizant of the time of day at which you send new posts. Most Instagram users check in the morning, and in the evening when they get home from work. Some people are on all day, of course, but to maximize, you’ll want to send ‘grams while most average users are already looking at their feeds.

That way, you’re less likely to get lost way down in the feed. Consider the time zone of your target audience when doing this, to make sure you’re not accidentally sending ‘grams in the middle of the night where they are.

You’ll also want to look into what hashtags are important for your industry or area of interest. This is often just a matter of looking through what pops up in your feed. Make a list of popular hashtags, and take the time to tailor your posts towards those particular tags.

Do not, however, just throw a bunch of hashtags on your post, regardless of whether they truly apply. This is a good way to get users to run away from you. Remember, users are there to see cool, compelling pictures, and everything else is attendant to that end, for most of them. So be cognizant of that, and tailor your approach to giving those people what they’re after.

Apps can help make your posts look more interesting. And interesting posts get views. Views get you more followers. It’s a simple formula, but one that many people spend so much time looking so hard they often overlook. Use a few photo-editing apps to make your posts interesting, and thereby attract more users to your posts and therefore, your profile.


Using a combination of a service to boost your following early on, and help you catch up to everyone else, is a great way to make sure that your account looks like it has as much authority as you want it to have. With tons of followers, not only are you likely to get even more followers as a result, especially if you follow the tips outlined above, but you can start to enjoy the reputation of being an industry expert.

This is a great way to expand your reach when it comes to attracting new customers. If you’re not a business, and you’re not after customers, but just the cachet that comes with having a prestigious account with many followers, you can just start to enjoy the reputation of being someone who has lots of Instagram followers.

It feels good to be listened to, and seen, especially when it’s for things you create. It feels especially good when it gets you customers. Using a service and boosting your following are great ways to do both. So give the service a look, and see if maybe it could help you reach your Instagram goals, and start making this powerful social media platform work for you, instead of the other way around.

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